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The rules below are the laws of the site. Your registration and membership means that you are aware of the laws and have accepted them. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the rules before registering as the Site can remove users who do not comply with the site rules.


Registration and Membership Rules

Members are fully responsible and must provide their primary information when registering, including real name and surname, valid and correct email address and phone number, etc. The site will not take any responsibility for incomplete or incorrect information provided by any user, and subsequent consequences of such non.-compliance actions that may result in not receiving an email or SMS recovery or prizes.

Users are only allowed to use one account, otherwise the site can remove the user without any objection. Any user who has an account or password is responsible for any activity that may be performed on their account including liability for game transactions and withdrawal.

This site has placed secure enough server security to protect your information and your account, please be careful about protecting your account password. If you do not keep your information safe, the site will not take any responsibility for possible fraud or consequences. It is important to respect the opinions of others, especially in online games that are open to discussion.

Rules of the games are based on international rules of these games. If you see any fraud or bug fixes, such as multi-user play, credit clearance, etc., please inform us and the user will be removed without notice.

Please read the game instructions before starting to play the game. In the event of loss, site will not be responsible for any refunds, so make a conscious choice for playing.

Support will be provided if you have any questions or experience any problems. Thank you for your cooperation.

Deposit it Withdrawal from an account

Withdrawal methods

Withdrawal to your bank account

1. You must have at least $10 in your account to be able to withdraw your prize. The maximum withdrawal from the site is $500 per day. Withdrawal per user depend on the level of the user.

2. Only one prize draw per day is possible.

3. If you deposit to the site, you cannot withdraw your deposit without playing with it. This amount will include recharging the account as well as gained reward or rewards in certain cases.

4- To withdraw you must use a bank account and that account must be consistent with your poker account information. Your bank account cannot be changed. Under certain circumstances, such as blocking your previous account, you can change your account if support team approves it.

5. For cancellation, Enter your information correctly, accurately and in the appropriate place. Bank account holder name, bank name and 24-digit SHEBA.

6. Minimum widrawal time is 10 minutes and maximum 24 hours. Your widrawal will take effect after 1 busines day. This means if your widrawal is on Thursdays, Fridays, or on Holidays it will take 48 hours or it appear the following day after.

Pokerika has no bank account, so all payments are made through various currency exchanges.

The money transfer operation depends on the operating hours of the system.